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PropTech Innovator Rook Assembles High-Powered Advisory Board

BOULDER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2022 / PropTech innovator Rook has assembled a high-powered group of executives, industry experts, and luminaries to join its Advisory Board as it continues to build its presence as a leader in home affordability solutions. The Advisory Board will work directly with CEO Ed Messman on a variety of issues including growth, awareness, and industry-advocacy.

“We’ve hand-picked a set of people who have shown not only deep expertise in their areas of focus but also commitment to Rook’s mission to intervene positively in families aspirations to become homeowners and to play an industry-leading role in solving the home affordability crisis,” said Messman.

The Advisory Board members include: Patrick Amato, Ross Cowan, Mike DelPrete, Mary Gessner, Romi Mahajan, Andrew Murray, Manny Puentes, Aimee Reiss, David Rusaw, Jon Shapiro, and Matt Teskey.

  • Patrick Amato is a Defi engineer and strategist specializing in the intersection of blockchain technology and financial applications.

  • Ross Cowan is a 20- year mortgage banking executive with experience in sales, risk management and M&A

  • Mike Delprete is an internationally renowned expert on the Real Estate industry.

  • Mary Gessner is a Data Science expert with deep experience verticalizing data.

  • Romi Mahajan is a PropTech marketer, investor, and advisor with 25 years of technology marketing experience.

  • Andrew Murray is a capital markets executive with 22 years’ experience in private equity and venture capital

  • Manny Puentes is a 20- year technology executive with deep experience in architecting and building high scale media exchanges.

  • Aimee Reiss is a capital markets professional with 20 years experience in business development within alternative investments.

  • David Rusaw is a 15 year operating partner at Keller Williams while also running a property management business with strong national partnerships with developers and builders.

  • Jon Shapeshift is a 15 year co-founding operator in the web3 industry while also working to progress DAO organization structures.

  • Matt Teskey is a 25 year mortgage banking and structured finance executive

According to Romi Mahajan, “The opportunity to work with Rook is the opportunity to harmonize a set of important variables in the battle to create a healthy housing ecosystem- community, affordability, and life-cycle alignment. Rook’s pioneering work in Shared Equity as a model for structured financing of house purchases is blazing a new trail.”

Matt Teskey added, “Hands down the Rook model is the best one I’ve seen to tackle the housing industry’s problems. I’ve seen them all and this one stands out as the most innovative step in structured housing finance in the market.”

Rook’s Advisory Board will play an active role in developing Rook’s Go-To-Market activities and in cementing industry-defining partnerships.

Contact: Ed Messman | CEO Rook | [email protected]


is an innovative PropTech company focused on widening home ownership and solving home affordability. Rook’s Shared Value Investment brings homebuyers, investors, and the housing ecosystem into partnership with full life-cycle alignment. Rook is backed by a diverse set of investors, including LL Funds, First Mile Ventures, Kickstart Fund, Service Provider Capital, and Tango Ventures.


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